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1. You might consider yourself as the “CEO of the product.”

​​2. You think of other product managers as “too social” when they spend a significant amount of time speaking to stakeholders.

  1. Create systems to identify promising ideas
  2. Follow processes to validate their ideas quickly
  3. Have robust product development practices to test, iterate, launch and measure

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  1. Everything is about revenue.
  2. Finding the right problem is not easy.
  3. Things move slow.
  4. Distorted user personas
  5. Limited number of customers.

Everything is about revenue

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When users are not using it

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Unhelpful Stakeholder #1: The One Who is Never Transparent

  1. Usually, they are a senior leader with a lot of experience in the organisation.
  2. Typically, they have a lot of domain knowledge and expertise.
  3. They are very curt and, at times, rude to others, especially those who aren’t as knowledgeable…

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  1. What does networking and visibility mean
  2. Why is networking and visibility important for a product manager
  3. How to be great at networking and getting high visibility within your company as a product manager

What does networking and visibility mean

  1. you by name and face.
  2. what you are working on.
  3. the status and progress on everything that you’re working on.

Why is a networking and visibility important for a product manager

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21 things that you should NOT do as a product manager:

  1. Don’t let Venn diagrams define what you do.
  2. Don’t focus on the solution without defining the right problem.
  3. Don’t build features because others think they are “urgent” or the “most important.”
  4. Don’t hesitate to take the tough decisions because no one else will.
  5. Never deflect blame.
  6. Don’t say “yes” when you know it…

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